Things have changed rapidly this year and, at the end of March, we announced that Agile Manchester was reacting to keep our participants, speakers, sponsors and suppliers as safe as possible.

In line with Government guidance, we have adapted the event. Join us on Friday, 15 May for a 1-day virtual event.

The programme will go live very soon. It has been developed from the programme we intended to present in our face-to-face event and is thanks to the support of all of our lovely speakers and our excellent Programme Chair, Andy Longshaw.

Being asked, out of the blue, to decide if your session could work as a recorded session is quite a huge ask. We are so grateful to all our speakers for taking the time to consider the implications and make sensible decisions. The revised programme will go live soon, as will the ticket widget and full details of what our virtual event will be like for you. 

The best news of all - you don't have to sacrifice your development because we are all in Lockdown.

If you have the space and time:
You will be able to join the live publishing of the event, all in one day!
Live Q&A will be available on many sessions so you can interact with speakers as you enjoy their session.
There's also the Corridor Track for those all-important conversations with your fellow participants. A great chance to share your observations, ideas and your own experience as well as gain those aspects from others. 
(And all the below benefits too...)

If you can make up to an hour free here or there:
You can work your way through the sessions for up to 30 days from the event.
You can join any of the sessions as they are published - especially if there is Q&A you'd like to be a part of - and catch up on the others at your leisure. 
Enjoy the opportunity to pause a session at points where you might need to (for whatever reason).

Agile Manchester has always offered our participants growth and development and this year, we are getting the opportunity to develop the event in a manner we never expected. Join us for the journey and the results!